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Ridge preservation (Lecture + Workshop) - Prof. Dr. Araújo - FULLY BOOKED

Van der Valk Brussels Airport
maandag, 10 oktober, 2022

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Dr Araújo is a Periodontist working both in private practice Rio de Janeiro and at The State University of Maringa, Parana, Brazil. He completed his PhD at The University of Gothenburg, Sweden in 1998. He is the Chairman of the Perio/Implant Research Unit, State University of Maringá. He has together with his co-workers published groundbreaking research in the fields of ridge alterations following tooth extraction, ridge preservation, bone formation in extraction sockets and immediate implant placement. He is an ITI Fellow, the former ITI Chairman in Brazil and an Osteology Foundation Board member. He is member of the editorial board of several journals.


LECTURE: Successful ridge preservation for immediate and late implant placement

The management of the ridge alterations that take place following tooth extraction is of great interest for Implant Dentistry. The current presentation will describe a series of studies regarding the various ways to approach the post-extraction bone diminution. It will be demonstrated that several anatomic features of the alveolar process influences the amount of post-extraction bone loss. The benefit of a minimally invasive tooth extraction for the socket healing will also be discussed. The use of ridge preservation, a clinical procedure that aims at preserving the ridge volume within the envelope existing at the time of extraction for immediate or late implant placement will be described. Clinical cases that illustrate the surgical technique and outcome of ridge preservation and implant placement will be discussed.


WORKSHOP: Ridge preservation for intact or compromised sockets (25 participants max.)

Post-extraction bone loss represents a challenge for the clinician. It may lead to esthetic problems and more complex implant installation due to dimensional alterations of the ridge. Ridge preservation is a clinical procedure that aims at preventing such bone loss following tooth extraction. The current workshop will describe and discuss the technique for a minimally invasive tooth extraction. Subsequently, at intact and compromised sockects, the technique for ridge preservation including the graft of the socket and the use of gingival graft or a soft tissue substitute for closing the socket entrance will be also described and discussed. 


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13:00  Lecture
15:00  Break
15:30  Workshop
18:30  End + light dinner