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Geistlich on-line congress - FREE

woensdag, 20 mei, 2020

Geistlich hosts its first online congress of regenerative dentistry. It is all about "extraordinary situations", such as how to make interventions that do not follow the x-scheme a success. Register now and experience renowned speakers like Prof. Istvan Urban, Dr. Isabella Rocchietta, Prof. Buser Daniel and Prof. Christoph Hämmerle.”

Dental professionals meet at the Online Congress
Extraordinary situations require extraordinary solutions: In response to cancelled congresses and symposia Geistlich Pharma invites participants to the first online congress on 20 May 2020. Internationally renowned experts and speakers in dentistry have quickly and unbureaucratically pledged their commitment.

The online congress of the regeneration specialist Geistlich Pharma is freely accessible and open to an international audience. It is held over two time blocks and thus enables interested parties from all over the world to participate. Geistlich is expecting around 10,000 registered participants.

"Springboard presentations" as a highlight
Dentistry is very much affected by the extraordinary situation caused by the coronavirus. Geistlich takes this fact into account. On the one hand, the congress topic refers to the daily routine of dental practice and treatments that do not follow the standard course. On the other hand, the congress is intended to provide a forum to discuss issues in the context of the corona crisis. Geistlich COO Dr. Matthias Dunkel on the program: "Our goal is to create real added value for the participants with current and relevant topics". A total of twelve different presentations are on the programme, plus four "springboard" presentations for new, as yet unknown talents. The first twelve speakers include internationally renowned names such as Prof. Istvan Urban, Dr. Isabella Rocchietta, Prof. Daniel Buser and Prof. Christoph Hämmerle. Four time slots are reserved exclusively for younger and ambitious speakers. Matthias Dunkel: "We are delighted to be able to help talented people make the leap into the international congress world.      

Further information:


Time zone EMEA & A-Pac  -  08:00-13:00 CEST


Time zone EMEA, NA, LATAM  -  17:00-22:00 CEST

All presentations will be held in English.



Three questions to Geistlich COO Dr Matthias Dunkel

"The Speakers were as taken with the idea as we were with ourselves.

What motivates Geistlich Biomaterials to organise an online congress on 20 May?
We have thought about how best to use the time when Corona prevents us from meeting in person at congresses, symposia and other popular platforms. The aim was to put together a package with relevant topics and internationally renowned speakers. That's how we came up with the idea of organising an interactive, live online congress together that would be accessible to everyone. The event revolves around the main topic of "Extraordinary Situations".

What program and highlights can the participants expect?
We are pleased that internationally recognized and respected speakers have accepted our invitation quickly and unbureaucratically. They were as enthusiastic about the idea as we were. We will be able to present a total of around twelve speakers. Among others, Prof. Istvan Urban, Dr. Isabella Rocchietta, Prof. Daniel Buser and Prof. Christoph Hämmerle have already been confirmed. More will follow and will be published on .

What are you personally looking forward to most?
We keep four speaker time slots open as a springboard for new, as yet unknown talents. With a short presentation they can recommend themselves for one of four slots. Whoever receives the most likes from the community will win their slot. We are very happy to offer young ambitious speakers a great opportunity with this springboard.